Around the globe, almost every city has its own unique food.  Sometimes, even places that are actually very close in distance could have very different characteristic in its culinary tradition.  This could happen because of the local people, the culture, and the geographical condition. Each creates uniquely different taste, different identity.

It is then no wonder that as a country once famous as the island of spices, Indonesia archipelago offers more than one can imagine about exotic food. Tasty foods are surely scattered along more than its ten thousand islands. But when you wander for the authentic ones, then you start wondering…how to find authentic local food here?

Having travelled to several places myself, I asked the same question. There are many times when I found it hard to find places that provide food with real local taste. Or after a long search finally managed to find it but didn’t really know what I was eating, what was the unique story that made it special. How could I know that the famous gudeg from Yogyakarta is actually made of young jackfruit (or even coconut flower)? What makes me regret the most is when sometimes in the worst scenario, being trapped in a “fake” restaurant scam.

It is actually a shame since there are many people, those food entrepreneurs who sincerely want to share with us their tasty legacy. Most of the times, language is the biggest barrier to pass the culinary legend. The other times, reason such as lack of information, or unfamiliar about local food as a foreigner, also add difficulties. That’s why to bridge this “lost communication”, I make this site to help you who want to take a more sophisticated culinary adventure, to meet those people who want to guard culinary heritage for a longer time. Selamat menikmati….bon appetit!

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