Bandung is a notorious weekend destination in West Java serving many interesting activities, including one of the most exciting one….eating! When you are in Bandung, a meal is often a combination of great ambience, breathtaking view, exceptional taste, unique concept, finger-licking flavour, and even philosophical ideas.  All of these could be enjoyed while tasting Bandung culinary.

Well OK the concept seems interesting, but what about the food? Bandung as the culinary destination in Java has lured many people with its variative food, ranging from the most traditional dish to the newly fushioned one. Feel overwhelmed with excitement and don’t know where to start?

No worry, I have summarized some of the best restaurants for you to savor Bandung culinary delight. Prepare a day, and just be ready to enjoy like local people do! Pssssssst….for the local breakfast options, you can check it here The Ultimate Breakfast Place In Bandung

For starter, try the most well known dish for lunch, Nasi Timbel

Nasi Timbel is a favorite among locals and visitors. This rice was initially a food brought for farmers to eat in the rice fields. Nasi Timbel is a typical food prepared at home from just cooked rice and wrapped in banana leaves. The heat that comes from the rice will make the banana leaves ripen a little. Then, the leaves used as wrapper will add flavor to the warm rice. Nasi Timbel is usually eaten with emping (melinjo nut cracker), salted fish, fried tofu, fried tempeh, or fried chicken. Not to forget, sambal terasi (shrimp paste sauce) and lalapan (fresh vegetables) are complementary to this typical Sundanese menu.

Nasi Timbel Complete Set

Nasi Timbel Complete Set (Source : Qraved)

For this dish, a good place to visit is Pandan Wangi. Situated at the city center, a warm Sundanese ambience at Pandan Wangi will welcome you from the doorstep. You could choose normal seating, or try the traditional seating called ‘lesehan’ (meaning : sitting on the floor). To accompany your Nasi Timbel (IDR 38K), try their most wanted menu, Terong Raos (IDR 19.5K). It is battered fried aubergine, with spicy caramelized coating. I never found this menu elsewhere, crunchy outside and super soft inside, a true gem!

Terong Raos

Terong Raos

Open : Everyday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Address : Jl Patuha No. 38, Lengkong, Bandung

Phone : +6222-730-9718

Website :

Atmosphere: Traditional house, open space, relaxed

Vegetarian Friendly : 

Tastiness level : ♥♥♥

Spending : $$$$$

Tips : make sure to make a reservation first for lunch or dinner time, could be very busy (especially during weekend/holiday)

When it comes to afternoon tea….or a cup of coffee, head to Sejiwa

Established in late 2016, Sejiwa is considered as newcomer in Bandung. The competition is quite harsh in the “red ocean”, since there are many similar cafes operating already. But Sejiwa could gained high popularity after a visit from Indonesia President Mr. Jokowi.

Now it is a must place to visit, for just a cup of coffee, or even much more. When you enter this cafe, industrial interior filling the 2 storey glass house will make you feel comfy at once. And for bonus, welcoming smiles from their baristas dressed in white lab coat are just perfect to make your day.

Mr Jokowi with Sejiwa Baristas

Mr Jokowi with Sejiwa Baristas (Source : Instagram)

The best seller at Sejiwa is Ice Coffee (IDR 30K). Using local beans from Bali and Flores, this strong coffee has herbal and choco notes. The sweetness comes from palm sugar, making it a perfect drink for a hot day. For more fusion choice, you can try Cheesy Latte, or maybe manual brew for more sophisticated experience. They also serve desserts, salads, and some foods. While you enjoy your drinks, pamper your arty soul with the pop art decoration. At last, just let your mind wander with the famous poem written on its wall; I want to love you simply, in words not spoken….

Sejiwa Interior

Sejiwa Interior

Open : Everyday 07:00 am – 11:00 pm

Address : Jl. Progo No.15, Riau, Bandung

Phone : +6282317171515

Website : Instagram @sejiwacoffee

Atmosphere: cozy, casual, smoking area available

Vegetarian Friendly : 

Tastiness level : ♥♥

Spending : $$$$$

Tips : a good cafe to chill down in Bandung, just make sure to avoid busy hours or be prepared to join the waiting list

Compulsary dish in Bandung, why not having Batagor for a fulfilling evening

Batagor or baso tahu goreng (literally means, fried meatballs & beancurd) is one of the most well-sought specialty. Originally created in Bandung area, this snack is made from blended fish and beancurd, served with special peanut sauce. All around the city you will find people selling Batagor, since its popularity remains constant.

Batagor Abuy

Batagor Abuy (Source : Internet)

Although Bandung has many famous Batagor sellers (such as Batagor Riri, Batagor Kingsley, Batagor Darto), my favorite is Batagor Abuy. Located in a busy food court in Lengkong area, this Batagor is a bit more low profile in comparison with the others. Despite the not so sophisticated appearance, the taste is on par with its competitors. Their Batagor (IDR 12K) is one of the best, crunchy and very flavorful….a taste you won’t forget.

Open : Everyday 03.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Address : Jl. Lengkong Besar No.45, Paledang

Phone : +62813-2074-8535

Website : –

Atmosphere: Outdoor, food stall, relaxed

Vegetarian Friendly : X

Tastiness level : ♥♥♥

Spending : $$$$$

Tips : for a more satisfying dinner, you could order many other famous dishes from the food court, such as kembang tahu (sweet tofu pudding), martabak (thick pancake), congee, seafood, meatball soup, fried rice, etc

Youngster hangout place for a sleepless night, Kue Balok Kang Didin

Kue Balok (block cake) is one of traditional Sundanese snacks that still exists until today. It is said that Kue Balok history has dated back to the Dutch colonial era. Local people believe that eating just one or two pieces of this small cake is sufficient to make the stomach full. Because the mixture is quite sweet, dense and high in calories, it is very suitable for consumption of local workers at that time.

Kue Balok In Many Flavors

Kue Balok In Many Flavors

To try Kue Balok, one of the most famous places is Kue Balok Kang Didin. Has been established since 1967, this precious culinary legend was originally passed down through three generations, and now is run by Kang Didin. It is quite funny though that based on Kang Didin’s confession, he initially has changed profession for many times. He refused to continue the family business, but at the end is still fated to run the legacy. During Kang Didin’s era, he made many flavor variants for the cake, growing the business to the next level by his persistency.

A Staff Is Baking Kue Balok

A Staff Is Baking Kue Balok

When you taste Kue Balok, you will realize that actually what makes Kue Balok special is the cooking method, since the ingredients are actually quite simple. This cake is made from a mixture of flour, water, sugar and butter, which then baked using a block-shaped pan. The usage of charcoal for baking maintains perfect heat, turning the cake crunchy on its crust, but still very moist inside. To enjoy Kue Balok (IDR 3K) to the fullest, order the half-baked version….and feel the heaven melts in your mouth!

Kue Balok Kang Didin Abdurachman Saleh Shop

Kue Balok Kang Didin Abdurachman Saleh Street

Open : Tuesday – Sunday, 24 hours

Address : Jl. Abdul Rahman Saleh No 52, Pajajaran, Bandung

Phone :   +62812-2034-9939

Website : –

Atmosphere: Outdoor, relaxed, street food stall

Vegetarian Friendly : 

Tastiness level : ♥♥♥♥

Spending : $$$$$

Tips : try their wedang jahe (hot ginger drink) to keep you warm on Bandung’s cold night

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